Laurie Dodd for Hunter Mill Supervisor

Growth must be managed to preserve the quality of life of Reston and Vienna, respect our neighborhoods, and protect the environment. I have spoken up to protect Reston's golf courses and oppose the density cap increase. We must ensure that transportation, schools, parks, and public services are planned jointly using Smart Growth principles. As my sign of independence, I pledge that I will never take one dime of developer money -- unlike some other candidates in this race!

Climate change is a real threat. As an attorney who represented Friends of the Earth, I know that we must reduce our carbon footprint.  I support the Fairfax Green Initiative, which promotes a community-wide energy and climate action plan, encourages sustainable development, and proposes that all county government energy use will be offset by renewable energy sources by 2025. Our county should become a model of energy efficiency.

Our students deserve a world-class education, starting with universal pre-K.  As a child advocate attorney for foster children, I have championed the right to schools that meet student needs, including special education. I will work with the school board to pay teachers and staff competitive wages, reduce class sizes, eliminate trailer classrooms, and develop programs equitably throughout the county. All public schools must provide quality education, no matter where they are.

Access to affordable housing is a basic human right. As Supervisor, I will focus on protecting and increasing affordable housing in all parts of the county, by working with government agencies, developers, and nonprofits to make sure Fairfax County is an affordable, welcoming, and safe place to raise a family. I will also work to end homelessness in our community, and help seniors continue to live in their own homes.