Laurie Dodd for Hunter Mill Supervisor

Meet Laurie

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in Atlanta. My father was a doctor at the Centers for Disease Control, and my mother was a stay-home parent of four children who eventually earned her MBA and worked for Planned Parenthood. Both of my parents taught me the importance of public service and community engagement.

I majored in biology at Duke University, where I first became politically active. I worked to bring health care to rural areas of North Carolina, lobbied for the state to fund public transportation, and then attended law school at UNC-Chapel Hill. After passing the bar, I worked for Legal Services in New Jersey, representing homeless people, tenants, and low-income residents.

I married Steve, my husband and best friend, in 1989. Moving to Reston in 1996 was the best decision of our lives. We have two children: Kevin and Emma, who both graduated from Fairfax County public schools. I was a stay-home mother for many years – involved with PTA, the swim team, and neighborhood events – before I returned to practicing law.

My entire professional life has been about public service, including my early work for a public interest law firm where I helped enforce the Clean Water Act. I started my own law firm in 2013, serving as a child advocate attorney for neglected and abused children. I joined the Hunter Mill Democrats in 2012, and I was a delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Concern about rapid development in the Reston area and the coming climate crisis pushed me to run for office. As an attorney, I have advocated for Friends of the Earth, for homeless people, and for neglected children. Now, I want to be an advocate for the residents of Hunter Mill district. I will never take a dime of campaign money from developers or corporate PACs. I promise to fight every single day to preserve the neighborhoods, schools, green spaces, and local commercial districts that have made our area one of the best places to live in America. I hope you will join me.