Laurie Dodd for Hunter Mill Supervisor



Growth must be managed to preserve the quality of life in Reston and Vienna, respect the character of our neighborhoods, and protect the environment. I have testified before the Fairfax Board to protect Reston National Golf Course and to oppose a proposal to increase Reston’s density cap separately from a review of the Reston Master Plan. I believe Reston’s two golf courses must be protected from any development, as they provide our community with open areas to walk, run, enjoy wildlife, and breathe fresh air. We must ensure that transportation systems, schools, parks, and public services are thoughtfully planned for all Hunter Mill residents. Smart Growth principles of compact development in transit zones makes it possible to conserve green space while providing a variety of housing choices, consistent with the original vision of Reston. To prove my independence, I have pledged that I will never take a dime of developer money, unlike some other candidates in this race. I will fight every day on behalf of residents.


Our students deserve a world-class education, beginning with universal pre-K. Teachers and school staff must receive pay that is competitive with other school systems, with adequate resources to teach our students, and a clean, safe classroom environment. As a child advocate attorney working with foster children, I have championed the right to a classroom that meets student needs, including special education needs.  With more than half of the county budget going to fund public education, I will work with the school board to reduce class sizes, eliminate trailer classrooms, and develop our school programs equitably throughout the county. All public schools must provide quality education, no matter where they are located.


Climate change is a real threat, and as an attorney who represented Friends of the Earth, I know that we must take every effort to reduce our carbon footprint.  I strongly support the Fairfax Green Initiative, which promotes a community-wide energy and climate action plan, encourages environmentally sustainable development, and proposes that all county government energy use would be offset by renewable energy sources by 2025. Our community can become a model of energy efficiency through the Fairfax to Zero Campaign and other environmental efforts.


Access to affordable housing is a basic human right. As Supervisor, I will focus on protecting and increasing affordable housing in all parts of the county, by working with government agencies, developers, and nonprofits to make sure Fairfax County is an affordable, welcoming, and safe place to raise a family. I will also work to end homelessness in our community, especially for children, veterans, and seniors.

Traffic & Transportation

For up to six hours a day, our region is in gridlock. Traffic congestion along Dulles Toll Road and the Fairfax County Parkway keep us from spending time with our friends and family, and reduces our quality of life. This problem requires a comprehensive approach to improving our transportation system, with the expansion of the Metro, support for reliable bus service, more bike and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, improved roads, and more walkable neighborhoods and transit-oriented development to reduce our commute times.

Embracing Our Diversity

For Reston and Vienna to remain safe places to live, we must make sure all of our residents feel safe in our neighborhoods. Immigrants and people of color need to feel safe interacting with local law enforcement, and I will work to strengthen community policing to improve public trust.  I was the first Hunter Mill candidate to sign the Fairfax for All pledge, promising to support the proposed Equal Justice for All ordinance and to introduce it during my first 45 days in office. We must also work to make the vision of One Fairfax a reality, with action items and measurable steps towards equity for all.